Sunny Man

by Le Servo de Spock

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We are all young fresh hip and dope. We do not smoke or drink. A* Students with all our scores appearing green on the graphs of life. We are trying to raise money for Africa and Horsforth primarily but If we make enough, then for the Albanians so they can get some fine tap water.We hope you enjoy with unfashionable sincerity. DIE AND DIE muchos Amouroz <3 Le Servo De Spock


released July 26, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Le Servo de Spock
Effeminate Drums and Producing by Alexander



all rights reserved


Le Servo de Spock Leeds, UK

Weak production. True Feeling. Real Pain.

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Track Name: Boris
Mummy's new toy boy is Boris the Ukranian
I put a pencil through his cranium
on the family outing to temple newsam
I don't wanna have sex with her
but I used to give her my virginity
in the same recurring dream
there's nothing wrong with
daddy's new girl is Sophia the Slovakian
she makes lovely cakes
and lets me lick the bowl when she's finished them
I want to lick her dry
la la la la la
It would give my heart a dad attack and
that's exactly what it deserves
there's nothing wrong with...

Eastern Europeans they come to our country
to steal our parents with their sexy guttural accents
and Russian cupids with superior mathematics
laugh as they watch you fall
and you fall
and I fall
I fall a lot

And I I I will jump from the top of your stairs mum
and break my skulls crockery
then maybe you'll shout at me
I just want my nipples back
Imma squeeze my adam's apple just to
squirt it in your eye
there's nothing wrong now
Boris is a fat corpse
and mummy is a nun again
Sophia melts margarine
to lubricate dad's angina
but hey... what about me?
The dark masturbator
I'm still sending love songs to these
Serbians I know
And that seems perfectly
natural, red blooded, good son, good male
pleasant smile
To meeeeeeeee
The great frustrato in Budapest
Satisfied as stripped school uniform
Says depravity is fun as long as it's done in the long run
It's okay it's okay, having sex with everything
Just do it somewhere else and don't bring it home
Don't bring it into my house
Track Name: Far Away
So far away...

I live inside a square box
i shy away when god knocks
sometimes I try to break free
Crash out into the cruel sea

That angel dust won't help you
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
What Maksim said will prove true
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
Some say he's lost his brain meat
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
stepped outside of the sane beat
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
where? where? where? where? where? where? where?

So far away...

i live inside a square box
i shy away when god knocks
oh no i live inside a tear drop
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
so i can hear the water plop...plop
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
no wait i live inside a microbe
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
who inturn lives inside an earlobe
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
i think i live inside a wet dream
[it's a doozy it's it's a doozy]
Where i'm the dirty sunbeam
Where? where? where? where? where? where? wh where?

So far away...

And you go home tonight and you see the stars sending light from far away
And you think about the world and the different places you gotta say that's far away.
Track Name: Bare Bummed Savages
Bare Bummed Savages
I want to be primitive
Shoot me in the tongue and pierce those nipples
I smell of me
And don't tell no one
And don't tell me
That I'm a normal guy
Cause I've made sure that I look insane
And these chords that I'm playing
i wrote when I was high
cause i wanna be more ironic
Than you
Or Andy Warhol
Go make me a cardboard cut out of
hemingwaaaaaaaaaaaay yay yay
[repeat with the added "baby" after "nipples"]
This is gay
You're all gay
Really gay
I don't know what I'm trying to say
Track Name: Taming Sound
Baby I'm just worried by your presence
To feel you in your skin is just too real
And everytime you talk, It's fingernails to chalk
My vocal chords just retreat to my feet

Baby you're the one with good posture
And I'm the one who crawls back to the womb
And if you give me time I might stop all these trying
And say something coherent for you

And when you're there just right there
I can hear my heart
And when you look through my eye
There's a taming sound

Baby you've got the suitors lined like axes
They're dancing every time you shun their glare
The beast can smell your skin, and I'm the beast within
The sinner with no soft repentant grin

Baby it just started as a love song
But now you've helped me realise the truth
No battles can be won while you've chained up my tongue
And scratching my guitar won't change that tune

Track Name: Sunny Man
Watching movies diverts
Working actively hurts
it's a waste but when life's erased then its all the same
Good opinions are cheap
healthy skin you can keep
Just moisturize and those tired old wrinkles will go away
Sunny day somewhere else
Sun is good for my health
i'll keep moving i'll keep moving outwards i'll get warm some day
You can't understand me
I'm too complex you see
and when I speak it's just colours and numbers so
go away
Blue two, too blue
for me
I'm a sunny man
Three be, be free
you see
I'm a sunny man
Grey sky will die
Then see
I'm a sunny man

i don't need any phone
I feel better alone
If I move then there's less to lose
so I run away
Come and lick at my light
All you moths of the night
take a shot of a happy face
and then just go away
You can grate at my skin
With your cameras of tin
But you'll only get a flake of flame
So honey go away
I don't get what I want
I don't care what I want
But what I want is to dissolve hope
and then just fly away

Why be chaining
to me?
I'm a sunny man
Grey sky will die
Then see
I'm a sunny man
Need no, No need
to feed
I'm a honey man
[aw fuck I sung honey awwww]

I'm a honey man